Pusat Perbaikan

If you need repair for the item you bought, you can visit any Urban Icon stores near you. For Fossil service, you can also drop the item at one of the Fossil boutiques. Our store staff then will bring them to Watch Care for repair. Service Centre in Menara Sudirman is no longer accpeting walk in customer, so every service has go through Urban Iocn stores. It may take 10-60 days depending on the faulty. If we need to order spare part for replacement, service centre / store team will notice you on the price and the availability. 

Warranty card only applicable for battery and machine faulty caused by "manufacture defect". It can only be claimed if you buy the watches from an Authorized dealer. For other defect caused by customer fault / usage through time, you can still can do service, but there will be fee applied for these services.

For service and spare part enquiries, you can email us at [email protected] or 021-29272708 ext 128