With any fine vegetable tanned leather product, you must care for it over time to ensure it ages as intended:

Storage: Store your bag in a cool, ventilated area away from sunlight or flourescent lighting.

Conditioning: We have tested many products, and after not being fully satisfied with any of them, we developed our own, custom formulated Leather Salve.

Leather Salve is great for hydrating, conditioning, and waterproofing leather. It also provides protection for leather exposed to extreme
conditions, while still allowing the leather to breathe and age naturally. If you desire, you can use our Leather Salve to reduce the appearance of scratches the bag has picked up over time.

We recommend using a small amount of Leather Salve and rubbing it in the leather with your hands vigorously. To remove/reduce the
appearance of scratches, apply the Leather Salve on the scratch and bend that area of the leather. Like most conditioners, Leather Salve may darken the leather temporarily. Please use our Leather Salve as needed, or whenever the leather shows any signs of dryness.



Dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. When drying wet leather, make sure you do so at room temperature and be sure that your wallet starts in the shape you want it to end up as.



Rub something damp into it like leather dressing or cream. Pick a leather care solutions that's made from all natural ingredients - make sure it's clear too to avoid discoloration.



Use a damp cloth and steer clear from adding soaps or vinegar to the water. For tough stains like pen ink or red wine, try using leather conditioning treatment specifically designed to remove the stain but not the leather's dye.